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How we can help with your insurance claim

Our process and commitment:

  • We aim to make telephone contact with the insured to arrange inspection within 24 hours of notification. If we are unable to contact the insured by telephone, a letter/email is sent to the client requesting they contact our office
  • Initial site inspection will be scheduled within 2 working days of receiving the request, unless agreed otherwise to suit insured
  • We endeavour at all times to provide a quotation within 48-72 hours of site inspection unless advised otherwise
  • The insured will be contacted and kept informed at key stages of the job progress
  • Repair work will commence within 5 days of receipt of acceptance of quotation, unless otherwise agreed with the insured (subject to availability of required materials). Adequate prior notice and communication will be given to the insured prior to commencement of any repairs
  • All work will be completed in an orderly fashion and site will be left clean and tidy
  • We employ and engage only experienced and qualified trades people who all carry current Police Clearance Certificates and relevant licences
  • Our staff endeavour at all times to be courteous and professional when communicating with clients
  • We update Insurance Companies/Loss Adjusters/Assessors regularly on all approved jobs advising of progress
  • Our policy is to attend to any problem that may arise immediately
  • We have a continuous improvement process in place to prevent any problem re-occurrence
  • We currently have long term relationships – and are panel repairers, with many of the main Insurers in the market – such as RAA Insurance, QBE Insurance, Elders Insurance, Allianz. Plus we also have strong relationships with Loss Adjusters associated with all Insurers
  • We are happy to liaise with all the main insurers who offer buildings insurance . As a result of our dealings with loss adjusters and insurers we have developed good working relationships based on trust, respect and professionalism. It is these relationships which allow us to get the best result from the claim and deliver the high level of service which property owners have a right to expect.

Insurance Claim FAQs

How did you get my details?

You have lodged a claim with your Insurance Company or Broker and they have appointed us to assess the damage and provide them with a Quotation for reinstatement and a brief description of the scope of works.

Our Estimator will attend to assess the damage, take photographs and measurements to submit to your insurance company.

After the initial site inspection, what happens next?

Once we have visited site and assessed the damage, we will submit a quotation and/or report for the repairs to your Insurance company/broker.

We will then await further instructions.

When will the repairs start?

We cannot proceed with any repairs until authorised by your Insurance Company, the Loss Adjuster handling your claim, or in the event this is a private quote then yourself being the client.

Once our Quotation has been approved, we immediately inform you by letter or email – which will outline in detail the works authorised and also any excess that may be applicable.

We ask that you confirm your approval to our office in writing, as acceptance – and once any necessary excess has been paid we will proceed with arranging the required work. Materials will be ordered, and you’ll be contacted by phone – to schedule the work at a mutually convenient time.

How do I pay my excess?

If there is an excess attached to your policy, the Insurance Company will ask that we collect this prior to commencement of any work.

You can do this in several ways:

  • Mail
    • Please make cheque payable to Murray Maintenance Services and post to: 232 South Road, Mile End SA 5031
  • EFT/Direct Deposit
    • Our account details are BSB: 015-010 ACC NO: 4606-40084 – please quote your job number and surname as the bank reference
  • Credit Card
    • We can process credit card payments over the phone. Please contact our office on 08 8354 0500
    • (Please note that payments exceeding $1000.00 will be charged a 2% merchant fee)

How long will the repairs take?

Time frames vary from job to job, depending on the nature of the job and availability of materials. We endeavour to carry out the repairs in the swiftest manner and aim to keep you updated at all times.

If your repair is related to long term water damage we would need to monitor the moisture levels prior to commencement of repairs to be certain the cause has been rectified and that the area is dry enough to perform repairs. In most cases your Insurance Company will cover the cost of these tests.

Repairs are complete; what happens now?

Once the repairs are completed to your satisfaction we ask that you return a Completion Certificate. A copy of this would have been sent to you with our original scope of works acceptance letter.

We will then submit this to your insurance company along with our invoice. It is of utmost importance to us that you are happy with the repairs.

Normally after the repairs have been completed, you’ll receive a link to our Client Feedback form. We would appreciate and value your input, as this form enables us to monitor and improve client service standards. We measure our success by these returned forms.